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Life is too short to drink bad coffee

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My name is Morag Halley and I purchased my first commercial machine to make my own perfect coffee at home in the mid 1990’s.  I became a fan of coffee pods and set up my own company in 2006 and became a coffee pod supplier, beans and coffee machines. We then ventured out and became a premium Coffee Pod Supplier

I am a firm believer that, “Life’s too short to drink bad coffee”

Premium Coffee Pod Supplier
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Paper pods are practical packs of coffee ground to a specific grain size for espresso, in a perfect portion size for a single cup (7 gram pod) or for two cups (14 gram pod). The paper used makes them biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly, but in addition to this the paper acts as a filter which almost completely traps residues, bacteria and the majority of the waxes and fats. The result is thus a particularly wholesome coffee.  The pods are individually packed under nitrogen in a protective atmosphere so as to maintain the aroma unchanged until the moment of consumption.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your coffee needs; whether it be coffee at home or your office or if you have more commercial requirements, I am happy to advise and always provide you with a great cup of coffee!